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Company overview

Who we are?

We are a very young company, established in 2013. We really love to do business related to environmental improvment, irrigation – saving water, gardening, and farming.

What our businesses are?

We do Marketing, Distributing, Importing, Manufacturing, Investing and Online business.

What our customers are?

We focus on both wholesale and retail market.

We have 35 dealers around the country in the most active market area.

On retails market, we are running some online store such as;;…

What our products are?

  • Drip irrigation: Rivulis – Seown – Dig.
  • Sprinkler: Ducar, Nelson
  • Reel machine irrigating: Irrifrance
  • PVC tube: Ponaflex
  • Home gardening tools: Cellfast, Gardena, Natura

What our goals are?

  • To be a total supplier in irrigation, gardening and farming

Tropical continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many business such as Irrigation equipment, gardening tools, Soils and Fertilizers…

Our strong points

  • Irrigation Surveying – Consulting – Designing – Supplying
  • A total suppler in gardening and farming – only us in Vietnam
  • Have a network of sale points around the country
  • Deeply understanding of the market
  • Apply latest technology in management
  • Good workforce in marketing, sales, PR
  • We are officially distributing for strong brandname such as Cellfast, DIG corp, Rivulis….

How we work


how can we help you?

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